Theatre Etiquette

Hello friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to touch up on something that I feel is very important to know as a theatre person.

Theatre etiquette.

Here are some simple rules everyone should follow while in any theater. 

1. There is usually a voice that comes on right before the show and says something along the lines of:

“Welcome to this perfomance of [Title of Show]. Please turn off any cell phones or any noise making devices. Photos, flash photography, video or audio recording is strictly prohibited. Thank you and enjoy the show!”

When this comes on…DO WHAT IT SAYS! These actors have worked very hard in rehearsals to show you what you paid to see! Be in the moment! That tweet to Idina Menzel or that snapchat to your snap streak can wait 2-3 hours for the show to be over. Remember you paid good money for this show, the people around you paid good money for this show AND the actors have worked their hardest to make this show amazing for you! 

2. We know the show is AH-MAZING but try not to talk to the friend or stranger that’s sitting next to you. Your neighbor will thank you for not telling them the plot of the story while it’s happening. You should also just enjoy what’s going on! Who knows they might throw in a new riff or something that will surprise you!

3. Don’t try and get the actors off. I remember one time I was sitting in the theater second row and someone in front of me waved. WAVED. There isn’t a window for you to wave through in a theatre. Don’t wave at the actors or try to make them laugh. It’s not really nice and in worst cases could cause problems on stage or injuries. 

4. The magical stage door. Stage dooring has been popular for years. Getting to meet your idols with the hundreds of other screaming fans creates a rush of joy. It’s fun. But it’s always a bummer when your favorite star heads home before greeting everyone. No need to get mad at them. They  have lives just like you. They have children and husbands and wives and a pillow to go home to. 8 shows a week can be pretty draining. Do not take it personally if they don’t come and say hello or sign your Playbill.  You paid for the performance! Anything else they do is a bonus!

5. In the words of my 8th grade english teacher:

“You are never too cool to not clap.”

This basically means that you should always applaud whether you think it was amazing or not so hot. Everyone on that stage and behind the scenes worked hard on this show and deserve the recognition. Remember even the best of the best applaud for the performers on stage.

These are only a few things to keep in mind when seeing a show whether it’s on Broadway, in your community, at a touring show or even at school. 

We hope this helps for your next trip to the theatre! See you next time!




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  1. A very important read! Thanks for posting!

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