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Want a list or want to see a specific person’s interview?! Here are the links!

1. Laura Osnes

This was our first interview ever! We were brand new and still trying to figure things out so this one is a little raw but it’s ok! 

2. Bonnie Milligan

If you haven’t watched a video of Bonnie singing you need to. Like right now

3. David Alpert

David is so sweet and it was so much fun getting to interview him.

4.Lindsay Nicole Chambers

Lindsay is so talented and so sweet! She was Amazing in Kinky Boots.

5. Jennifer Ashley Tepper


6. Ariana Debose

Ariana is AMAZING and one of the sweetest people I know. I love what she does and I love that she loves what she does. She’s just amazing.
7. Joe Aaron Reid

It’s so saddening that our interview got cut! Joe is such a sweet person. Much love to him all the way across the pond!

8. Ann Harada

Ann is so much fun to be with! I was privilaged to get to eat lunch with her when I went to NYC last year! 

9. Janine Divita

JANINE IS SO TALENTED. I love her so much. She killed it as Anne in the touring show if If/Then. 

10. Chryssie Whitehead

Chryssie is such a ball of sunshine. I did a workshop with her and learned a combo from A Chorus Line. It was 7 or 8 am in the morning and Chryssie was READY. She is doing a summer workshop in LA I believe! If you can go I recommend it!

11. Gabrielle Ruiz

Ok if you haven’t seen Gabrielle in Crazy-Ex Girlfriend…you need to…it’s HILARIOUS. I love it. 

12. Rachel Flynn

I don’t know Rachel as much as Molly does but she is very talented and Molly had so much fun during this interview.

13. Rodney Dennis Hicks

Rodney is so sweet and amazing. So down to earth and I hope to be as gracious as he is. He is amazing and super talented too. Go see him in Come From Away! 

14. Tyler Mount

Oh. My. Goodness. Tyler Mount is my spirit animal and I love him so much. Everyone go check out Playbill’s: THE TYLER MOUNT VLOG. 

15.  Jane Jourdan

Jane is the sweetest and if you haven’t, go check out Fit For Broadway and sign up for their emails! Her emails are fun ideas, work outs, food, ways to center your mind, body and soul, and just everything you need to be an amazing human.

16. Touring cast of Once the Musical

Once is such a beautiful show and these actors are all amazing and so talented!

17. Anthony Rapp

I was totally geeking out interviewing Anthony. He is so kind and nice and AHMAZING on stage. If you EVER have the chance to see him perform do so!

18. Carleigh Bettiol

Carleigh is so kind and stunningly beautiful. I was privilaged to see her perform in Hamilton last February and she was AH-MAZING!

19. Jackie Burns

Jackie is my love. I LOVE Jackie and she is SO TALENTED IT’S CRAZY. Her voice is beautiful and so powerful and just- wow. If you get the chance to see her live…don’t question if you should, question how many TIMES you should.

20. Isabella Russo

I don’t think I’ve ever geeked out about someone so much younger than I am. She is so sweet and kind and so talented. Listen to her in the Original Broadway Cast Recording of School of Rock!

21. Alicia Taylor Tomasako

Alicia was so kind and she is such a talented actress. You can see her in In The Heights in Texas this summer!

22. The Gagged Choker Gang

These ladies are my favorite group of people. So sweet, so fashionable…I just love them all. I was lucky to get to see Courtney as Jasmine in Aladdin on Broadway recently and got to hang out with LJ after the show! I hope go see Teale at Wicked soon! Go buy these beautiful handmade chokers on their website!

23. Ariana Afsar

Ariana is so talented and so sweet! I can’t wait to see her in Hamilton Chicago this summer! 

Alright! There is the list of interviewees and it’s still growing! We have a few fun interviews coming up this summer! Check back later for more Broadway!  


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