The STARS + Social Media

We all have a favorite performer. Whether you love the high sopranos like Kristin Chenoweth and Sierra Boggess, or the big belters such as Stephanie J Block and Idina Menzel we all have someone we look up to. 

There is something that I wanted to bring to attention. 

These people are just like you.

It’s crazy isn’t it? To think that your idol is exactly like you. But they are! Well maybe not EXACTLY. They all have their ups and their downs, their good days and bad days and they all have the same thoughts as you do. They are just as approchable as you are walking down the street. 

Social Media has been able to connect us to each other faster and in an easier way the last few years. It makes it easier to comment and chat with your idols and it’s as easy as typing 140 characters and pressing send. Don’t be afraid to tweet them or ask them a question! They may not answer but don’t come to the conclusion that they ignored you. Being an actor is a busy job. For one you have to find a way to make money outside of Broadway. Not to mention that many of the shows on Broadway are very active. You never know. They may not have seen your tweet because they were half way through SoulCycle getting their work out on.

Never feel afraid to share your love and admiration to them. Some respond, some don’t. Don’t take it personally. They have busy lives and might not always have time to favorite or like your tweet or photo the second it is sent. But they will see it! 


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  1. Thanks for this. It’s crazy how much people expect their favorite performers to respond and be there all the time.

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